About me

After an intership in Iceland doing some environmental education and getting some data on marine debris, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Environmental and Town Planning Management.

From January 2009 until January 2010, I volunteered in Senegal, helping women groups to create agricultural micro-companies. I also managed partnerships between French-Senegalese schools, local radio, an NGO working towards AIDS prevention.

Our little family

In a small way, my work was rewarding by contributing to a better quality of life for the local people through environmental education in schools and women groups meeting and the promotion of improved food production methods, with the aim of attaining local sufficiency with diminished dependence on international financial aid.

In 2011, I hitchhiked during 14 months most of the way from Senegal to Australia via South East Asia. It’s my favourite way live an adventure on the road, meet the locals and discover their culture.

I reached Australia in mid 2011 and looked for work related to my study but after three weeks of job searching and nil savings, I took the first available job – a kitchen-hand work on a mine site. I did this for a year with my employer company sending me from one mine site to another. I’ve also qualified for a Security Licence so I can work on my days off.

I went to travel in South America and met Victoria. We travelled togheter from Peru to the north coast of Colombia. By then, Lucie was already in preparation :). We then spend some quiet time in Rio Gallegos (Patagonia), waiting for her to come. Lucie decided for a warmer place and bringed us to Cordoba. The 6th of Feburary 2014, she arrived to the light in our house with the assistance of a loving midwife. We were from that time travelling with her in SE Asia, India and Nepal. We are finally back in France since July 2015 and intending to live mostly a sedentary life for the next few years.

I also trained in Digital Marketing specialized in SEO/SMO. You can check my agency site at Primuseo.com. The idea behind this is obviously to be able to live wherever we want by working online. If you want to give us a little hand, a « like » on our facebook page would be great and if you know anyone with a website lost in the second page of google search result, let me know : My job is to bring my client’s site on the first page 😉


Curriculum vitae disponible au téléchargement ici !



Travaux d’études (in French)

Ci-dessous, une sélection de quelques travaux, collectifs et individuels :

  • Rapport de stage 2008

Thème : Gestion du projet « Clean Up the World » en Islande

Télécharger (2Mo)

  • Rapport de stage 2006

Thème : Protection et gestion du littoral rétais face aux pressions urbaines et touristiques

Télécharger (20Mo)

  • Mémoire de Master1

Diagnostique du territoire et réalisation d’un projet de ZAC sur une commune péri-urbaine de Brest

Télécharger (26Mo)