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My journey in few numbers

14 Months on the road, 25 countries visited, 32 000km by hitch-hiking, 8000km by plane (3 flights – 4000km just for the flight Malaysia – Australia), around 2000km by trains or bus.

Smiling new year ! 5

Smiling new year !

One amazing thing in Cambodia is to see everybody smiling at you. Look someone in the eyes and he will give you a warm and sincere smile. Nothing better to start the day with a smile. Here is one from a little girl living in an orphanage close to Phnom Penh. I spend days playing...

India make you tough 0

India make you tough

In SiemRiep, Cambodia, City close to the Ankor’s Temple. “- Do you want a taxi? Do you want weed? Cocaine? Sex? » I had an overview of why the nastiest tourists are coming to Cambodia: Sex and drugs. The guy was standing in the street at night close to the food market, asking every tourist the same...


Nepal reminder

Lately, I had to check my pictures to remember what I was doing just 2 weeks ago. I realized that the times is running so fast that if I don’t write down now my impression and what I’ve done in Nepal, I’m sure that I’ll  forget most of it once in south east Asia. So,...