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India make you tough 0

India make you tough

In SiemRiep, Cambodia, City close to the Ankor’s Temple. “- Do you want a taxi? Do you want weed? Cocaine? Sex? » I had an overview of why the nastiest tourists are coming to Cambodia: Sex and drugs. The guy was standing in the street at night close to the food market, asking every tourist the same...

India was a crazy movie 2

India was a crazy movie

I wanted to see a bit of India as I saw most of the countries, discovering the country and the culture thanks to the locals I meet on my way. In India, this strategy didn’t work very well… I met many Indians while I was hitch-hiking: Lovely truck drivers inviting you for lunch or a...

L’ouverture d’esprit made in Hippiland 5

L’ouverture d’esprit made in Hippiland

En Inde, vous trouverez en masse un type de touristes, souvent jeunes, très sympathiques, mais parfois agaçants et je m’en explique. Je l’appellerai néo-hippie (je ne pense pas inventer le concept mais je n’ai pas internet sous la main pour le vérifier). Le néo-hippie est un individu se prend pour un hippie, mais qui n’en...