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Last journeys (2007 – 2010)

Spring 2010

Senegal – France

via Mauritania, Maroc, Portugal and Spain
around 8700 km

Departure : 1st of February  – Arrival : 1st of April

Update : This journey is done. It was really easy and great with plenty of nice people on my road. I don’t really feel like writing about it because I’m already thinking about my journey around the world and I’m too busy now. You can still check the pictures on my gallery.

To conclude my one year stay in Senegal, I wish to feel again the joy of traveling. That’s why I decided to go back to France  by the road. I’ll hitch-hike and maybe take some collective transport if it’s too complicated (I have no idea about how is it to hitch hike in these places).


February in one of the best moment to visit Mauritania but it can be very cold and snowy in the Atlas Mountain (I really want to hike there). Anyway, I’ll have a warm sleeping bag (-10°c comfort zone), a mat (a good sleeping bag is useless without a mat), a tent and my earplugs… It means that I can have a sweet night everywhere which is really important for this kind of long trip where being tired leads easily to sickness  which can be a real problem.

Here is the map of my way to France.



Summer 2009

Trip all around Senegal (3 weeks)




Winter 2008

Rennes – Paris – Prague

A two weeks trip. Hitch-hiking and sleeping 2 nights under a tent at – 8C° on the way to Praha but travelling from Praha to Paris in one day on the way back by crossing Germany at 200km/h.

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Autumn 2008

Rennes – Paris – Prague – Wroclaw – Wien – Milano – London




The aim of this trip was to see all my friends met two or tree months before in Iceland. I did it by hitch-hiking. It was my first time in Czech Republic and Poland. Both are great for hitch-hiking. People are nice and I never wait for long.

I crossed the sea to England also by hitch-hiking. In fact, some polish people took me in front of the Ferry Terminal. I took the boat with them and they let me at a gaz station close to London. On the way back, the police didn’t authorize me to hitch-hike in front of the Dover Terminal. I had to buy a round trip to Calais (cheaper than one-way).

This trip tooks me a bit more than one month. I had some great moment climbing in Chamonix, visiting polish forest, enjoying great and cheap beer in Wroclaw and Praha, two very nice city (I still don’t know if the best beer in the world is czech or polish… I’ll have to go back there…). I went in Milano and I join a protest against Berlusconi’s new plan for the education system. I finished with a nice stay in Chamonix, climbing and hiking close to the Mt Blanc with some friends.

Once again, it was a great journey.


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Summer 2007

A two months trip in Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe.



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