Friendly dogs : Body odor, aura or… ?

My head is very busy. I discovered recently the Feldenkrai’s method also called “awareness through movement” and the latest guy who messes with my mind is Rudolph Steiner, father of spiritual science, biodynamic movement and Steiner school…  That’s pretty heavy and I tried to write about it but I guess that there’s nothing really clear enough yet in my head to do anything with it. So, I’ll start with the easiest thing I can write about today: Dog’s perception of human body odor and aura. Yes, that’s a serious matter.

Lassie : A cool dog

There is something about me and aggressive dog that I don’t get. It happened few days ago, a guy gave me a lift and we passed by his house. A small dog run at me, friendly and obviously asking for a pat on his head. The guy looked at me patting his dog. A bit stunned, he told me that was I was the first stranger his dog was not barking at. Is the smell of my new deodorant with tea tree oil (and no aluminum) was very appealing to him? Or did he smell a faint odor of delicious grass fed beef on me, since I’m eating meat again and was like “I want a bit of that, please!”?

 Then I recall that time in Poland were I manage to befriend and hold in my arms a dog usually scared and aggressive with stranger. And this other time in Malaysia and this other time and…so one… And I was still vegetarian and using chemical loaded deodorant so… Well, it seems that I have a good feeling with dogs, especially scared one, but how to explain that? Why dogs at the first view at me decide to not bark and come, confident that I’m not a threat? Well, Rudolf Steiner might have an answer to that. In his book “knowledge’s of the higher world”, he explain how though are as real as physical action in terms of impact on your body. He explains also how these fields of energy around your body react to your thoughts. Clairvoyant and people training in spiritual science can see color in your energetic field called aura.

So, first hypothesis : Dogs can feel the aura of people, maybe see it, and my aura is telling them that I’m a very loving and cool guy very good at codling them.

Second hypothesis: I was a cool dog (kind of Lassie or Milou) in a past life. Dogs feel a kind of link with that and they decide to be friendly with an “ex”one of them.

Last hypothesis: A friend (Jojo) years ago told me that when I sweat, it remembering him the smell of lamb (Which I agreed with after smelling a couple of lambs but since I change my diet, well, I think that it’s gone)… well, maybe my deodorants or my new diet can’t hide this attractive, cute and harmless smell to the dogs.

 New hypothesis and your opinion on this important matter are very welcomed.

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    Hypothesis : WTF?

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