Home !

Wow, that bed is so comfortable!  The shower is hot!  So enjoyable to be at my parent’s home after exactly 2 months on the road!  Ok, not sure about saying that in…let say, two weeks (the time to get bored) … BUT for now, I’m glad to be home, and I enjoy it as much as possible, eating French smelly but delicious cheese and everything but rice.

Why rice?  Well, eating rice every day in Senegal was ok : I didn’t have that’s much choice. However, now, there are so many meals to choose between that I don’t want to eat rice for the next weeks.

I’ll not talk too much about the obvious  pleasure to see friends and family after a year far from them but, how strange is it to sit at the familial table and realize that the last time you’ve done it doesn’t seem far at all. I don’t feel that I’ve been away for a year… In fact, I’m looking at some picture I took two months ago in Matam and it’s already seemed very far to me.

For the last 6 years, it seems like the Time is running. I don’t care, I’ll not lose the race, I’ll not wait years to achieve my dreams:  In maximum two months, I’ll start my hitch-hiking trip all around the world, Inch’Allah!

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  1. Cristina dit :

    Salut Pierre,

    Je viens de lire un article sur ton tour du monde en auto-stop et j’ai ete bien impresionnee du fait qu’un homme, de seulement 24 ans, est ainsi decide et qu’il peut renoncer au confort d’une vie normale pour voire le monde. C’est magnifique! Au fond, a la fin, il ne nous reste que les souvenirs !Et tu vas en avoir beaucoup! Bonne chance aux nouvelles terres!
    Cristina, une autre roumaine

  2. mirela dit :

    bonne chance, mon amie

    une roumaine

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