How to not take street’s pictures…

Do you know what ? When you want to take a picture in an African street, do it with discretion. Really!

If you don’t, firstly, a child will start yelling something like « Hey, he has got a camera ! » and he will run to you asking you to take a picture of him. Too late for him if he was expecting a picture alone…His friends are already there. They are all crazy of football here, playing with everything but a ball. Anyway, they know how a football team picture looks like and automatically, they were in place for the shot.

Photographer's pain

It was just the time, for all the kids in the streets around, to arrive. They knew about football too but well…they were a bit more excited and the picture is bit blurry.

Photographer's pain 2

I showed them the pictures (Digital camera are good for this) and they were even more excited… At the end, with the first intention to take some pictures of the street, I’ve just succeed to take tree shots before the invasion. At least, next time, I’ll do while they are at school or with my motorcycle to flee quickly 😉

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