India make you tough

In SiemRiep, Cambodia, City close to the Ankor’s Temple.

“- Do you want a taxi? Do you want weed? Cocaine? Sex? » I had an overview of why the nastiest tourists are coming to Cambodia: Sex and drugs. The guy was standing in the street at night close to the food market, asking every tourist the same question. I said “no” after each offer and the guy was following me, insisting “It’s cheap my friend”.

Nothing makes me angrier than a bastard calling me “my friend”. I switch to « India’s mode” which means, to stop being nice with someone who doesn’t want to understand the word “no”. I slightly pushed the guy, angry face, and it was enough…

Yes, after three months in India, you get tough. You know how to bargain hard and deal with annoying people, and it’s sometimes quite useful because every other country seems easy after that 🙂

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