India was a crazy movie

I wanted to see a bit of India as I saw most of the countries, discovering the country and the culture thanks to the locals I meet on my way. In India, this strategy didn’t work very well… I met many Indians while I was hitch-hiking: Lovely truck drivers inviting you for lunch or a cup of tea, talkative and curious people surprised to see a tourist on the side of the road. My point was not about meeting people but about communicating and go a bit further than a lift with them.


Crazy movie but nice landscape

The people giving me a lift had usually limited English or were more curious about me than willing to answer to my questions about their life or culture and the people I met on the street were most of the time interested by selling me something.

_MG_5403 My travel mate watching HIMYM while we were waiting for a lift in Spiti Valley

Almost two months in India and it happened only once that someone invited me for a night in his house but I definitely didn’t feel it like the warm hospitality experimented in Central Asia. Another night, some locals offered us (I had a travel mate for quite a long time) to stay in a small watermill because we were considered by the villagers as low cast as untouchable. They just want you to buy their weed because that’s their main income. They didn’t want us to touch them or any or their belonging. They were also refusing to walk on a bridge if we, or any other low cast Indians, were standing on it. I tried to not see their behavior with my western point of view but I didn’t manage : if Indian spirituality is about creating division and making some humans feeling themselves as superior and considering the others like shit, there is for me definitely something wrong here.

I wanted to go a bit further than a simple relation tourist/locals but I didn’t manage. I had the impression than Indians were keeping their distance unless they had to beg or sell something.

18092010-_MG_5242Repairing the road

At the end, I enjoyed as usual my travel but something was missing. I felt like a spectators in front of a crazy movie named India. If you don’t understand the story, you will find no one able to explain it clearly to you. You will look for the answer in a book or check some critics about the movie and you will anyway not be satisfied.

At the end, some people told me to just let it go because Indian culture is just too far from our occidental understanding…

So, for the last two months, I was watching this movie and now that I’m arriving at the end, I don’t know if it was a good or a bad movie. I’m just sure that I didn’t get most of the story and that I’ll probably have to see it again.

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  1. arzur dit :

    Salut !
    Je viens d’aller voir ton blog. Super article sur l’Iran au passage. Je suis en Malaisie et bon sang, ça fais du bien de vivre dans un milieu propre et personne qui fait attention à toi. Quelle est ta prochaine destination ?

  2. Marie-Michèle dit :

    Hello Pierre:

    C´est toujours un plaisir de te lire. Acuellement dans le sud de l´Indes, je suis également un peu dans le même état d´esprit que le tien.
    Bonne route.

    Marie-Michèle (rencontrée en mai sur une aire d´autoroute de France)

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