Little Stories on the road

No more energy issue in the world…he said

We’ve got a long ride from Nice to Milano with a very nice man. He was coming back from the Canne’s  festival (movies competition) and on his way to pick a flight from Milano to Berlin. The guy was the producer of The Mummy 3 and 4.

We had a good talk about cinema (and he agreed that’s his movies are more about making money than doing art) ecology and some global issues in the world like food and water. The good news (and the bad one) is that he knows that a company (his son work is in that solar business) will start next year to build a huge solar panel field in the Sahara. It’s going to take 10 years to build it but at the end, it’s designed to provide all Europe in electricity. The bad news  is that of course, we are not going to let the countries owning a territory so important for us and there is some luck that it’s going to engender some violence but well, that’s how we always did with Africa. So, in his opinion, the problem of fossil energy is going to be solved in the next 10 years and the main issue that no one is really taking care about is actually how to provide enough water for people and agriculture… In fact, do you know that Hugh Grant his going soon to Budapest to turn a movie? You learn so many interesting things when you hitch-hike…

Four jobs for one guy

Greek people are use to cumulate jobs to maintain a good standard living. One the way to Thessaloniki, we met one guy who had 4 jobs. He was transporting some drugs for a pharmacological company; two or three days a week, he was controlling the quality of the benzene for a gas company ; during his free days, he was skipping his boat making some tour for the tourists; finally he was repairing and installing computer and electronic gears designed for boats.

To find the idea that no one had before

In Croatia, we met Marko. A incredibly nice guy who make hundreds kilometers out of his way to bring us to Plitviska Jezera because it was for him the best place to see in Croatia and he wanted to be sure that we see it. This guy has plenty of projects very innovating.


His last one which is starting in a month is the creation of a company using a website to sell some dental care include in a full pack of touristic activities. The fact is that more and more people from Western Europe are going to the east to have medical care because it’s much cheaper. Thanks to Marko’s company, the tourist can visit Croatia and have dental surgery in the same time : He can choose the place where he wants to stay, the activities and visits he’s willing to do and the company will take care of booking the hotel, the activities and to bring the surgeon. So if you want to visit Dubrovnik, make a sailing trip in the islands close by and finally get a dental surgery, there is a nice and innovating guy who can care about that.

His aim with the benefice is to finance his final project: to create the best hotel for dogs of Zagreb and spend the rest of his life with lots of dogs around him.

Volunteer for a “festival”

In Greece, we heard about a festival looking for some volunteer to help in the organization. According to the guy recruiting us, it was supposed to be some festivities about old Greek culture and gods. It was in fact more than this.

This festival was a place where everybody was allowed to talk in public about what he wants but more specially, it was the most important meeting of people sharing one common idea: Greece situation is bad and there is some solution to find by taking as example the ancient Greek who made Greece so powerful. One way was to question everything commonly accepted as the truth._MG_3607

So, for the 15th edition of that festival, we saw some ceremonials and theatre in the antic style and lot’s of public debate. Around 2000 people came. There were probably here some people believing in the antic gods but I had more to talk about with some people critical about Orthodox Church which, they said, own half of the land in Greece, plenty buildings in Athens and is rich enough to pay three times the debt of the country. At night, some people around the tents were playing traditional old songs talking about love or the difficult times Greek people had in the past. At the end, we didn’t work that much because they were not giving us jobs to do but it was worth to be here to meet these people, ear these songs and for the great lunch they offer to the volunteer.

“I did all the jobs but president of the USA”

New-York harbor in 1960. A boat, coming from Greece, was at quay. It was the night. Silently a young guy went out of the boat to disappear in the next streets. He was sailing for a month, helping at the kitchen and waiting the right moment to start a new life somewhere far from Greece. New-york was his entrance door. He knew one Greek living in new-Orleans and went there. He started to work in a restaurant until he got enough money to open his own little one. He paid a layer to legalize his situation of illegal migrant. After that, he stopped to start to work in the construction field. He get injured and had to stop this kind of physical job. He gets a job as chauffeur for a hotel, bringing the rich clients from the airport to the hotel in a limo. Then, after 40 years in the USA, he decided to move back to Greece. As he said, the USA is a good country when you are young but Greece is much better when you get older. He had a house close to the Olympus Mountain and he was spending his days walking in the mountain, enjoying his free time. He is just one example of how the Greek Diaspora became so huge and will probably increase if the crisis continues in Greece.

Greek and Turkish warriors


From Meteora (Greece),  two friends, one Greek and one Turkish give us a lift back to Thessaloniki . They were both living in Germany, working there and they were travelling together in Greece. They knew about their common  history and they were joking a lot about it. They asked me to put that picture online with the legend :

_MG_3699“ Greek and Turkish warriors fighting with each other”.

It’s like parody about  the  numerous paintings we saw in some monasteries showing the good and god blessed greek army fighting against the bad and wild Ottoman.

The end

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