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Five lessons learned in Thailand

For the second time in Thailand, it did feel less boring (if you want to know why the first time was, check this post) because I spend the month learning some new skills every day. Thai massage the first 2 weeks, Chi nei Tsang the third and Scuba diving the fourth… I had just two...


Thailand : Happy and wet new year !

I’m in Chiang mai, north of thailand. I’m learning thai massage and Chi nei tsang for the last 3 weeks but today, I don’t have any courses and most of the shop are closed. Nevertheless, the city is really busy, full of people happilly throwing water at each other to celebrate the thai new year....


Beautifully Boring South East Asia

South East Asia is beautiful: I loved the mountain in Lao, along bay is stunning and the Islands in Thailand are nice and snorkeling there is amazing. The people are generally lovely, smiling and helpful. Hitch-hiking is working very well and even if it’s quite a pain as a vegetarian to see how they just...