Settling down : Five reasons why I’m happy to live in a house

After more than a year on the road, I’m settling down and have a house where I can see myself staying for at least the next 4 months. While travelling, I had these ideas about what I would be able to do if I had a house and now is the time 🙂

Sure, we are renting, it’s in a small city and far from my ideal house, an earthship (Check this post to know why it’s so awesome) with a big garden and a patch of forest to produce my food the permaculture/biodynamic way. Still, that’s a house with some space and it fits perfectly the small scales projects I kept so long in the back of my head:

Kefir water

If you don’t know about it, have a look to this article. If you are in hurry, let’s just say that Kefir is a yeast making through fermentation a great probiotic drink good for the gut’s flora. It’s like a pet and need a bit of attention. Feed him with dry fruits and sugar, change is water at least every other day and he will be happy.

Sprouted grains

Grains are bad for you and have all these little defenses (like gluten
 heard about it?) to irritate your gut and prevent you from digesting them. Make them « believe » that they will grow as a plant and the entire defense system come down to let their nutritive content available. I just started with Chia seeds and it’s really nice to see all this life coming out of such a small seed.

Bone broth

It’s basically cooking bones for hours and taking all the goodness out of it 🙂 Then, I use the stock to make my soups healthier and tasty.

More details about health benefit and how to do your own in this article of the Weston price foundation. For a quicker read, check that one Top 5 reason why bones broth is the bomb.

Cooking is finally enjoyable

Just to have your kitchen, with your stuff, in particular your own sharp knife (so rare in people’s kitchen) and a box with all the spices you want is a comfort I never find while travelling and it feels so good that I’m improving my cooking skills by trying some new recipes.

I have the space I want to exercise

I’m keeping lately the habits of doing some energy work in the morning and 30 push up each time I’m going to the bathroom. Well, now I have my own clean space to do it and don’t have to look for the roof of the hostel to get some tranquility.

Here are the five reasons why I enjoy living in a house… You might wonder, how about the comfortable bed or the hot water that’s was lacking often on the road ? Well, I enjoy the comfort of a bed when I have it but I don’t miss it when I sleep on the floor… but when it’s about staying healthy and eating well, then, yes, I was more often frustrated… That’s maybe why all the things I’m happy about now are about foods and exercise.

The downside of living in a house? I haven’t found one yet…Probably the euphoria of the first months also called « new house effect »… Let see how long it last 😉


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