Smiling new year !

One amazing thing in Cambodia is to see everybody smiling at you. Look someone in the eyes and he will give you a warm and sincere smile. Nothing better to start the day with a smile. Here is one from a little girl living in an orphanage close to Phnom Penh. I spend days playing with the children. It was lot’s of great and smiling moments. I send you this smile. Feel how good is it to see it and give it back to who you want. It will make both of you happy 😉

I wish you a very smiling new year !

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5 réponses

  1. Andreea dit :

    We all travel in a way or another but I think your life it’s an amazing journey. Thank you for sharing all these with us. I wish you a great year to you too, filed with smiles and nice places&people!

  2. Magda dit :

    Hi Pierre,

    Although this is my first comment, I have been following your journey for some time now, and really enjoy your shared thoughts, pictures…
    Hope the new year will take you to wonderful places! And please take time to share with us :o)

  3. vip dit :

    tellement beautiful picture ! it just makes you smile too, looking at it ! keep smiling 🙂

  4. Pierre dit :

    Merci Laurent 🙂

  5. Lalo dit :

    Merci pour ce tit sourire de nouvelle année. Du coup pour faire dans l’originalité, bonne année et donc bonne continuation pour ton voyage 😉

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