TEST : Video editing software for notebook on ION

Corel VideoStudio Pro interface

I just got this camera allowing me to do some HD video and I spend hours looking and trying different video editing software able to run properly on my notebook, an ASUS EEEpc 1015PN equipped with an Atom Dual Core N550, a chipset ION2 and 2 Giga of Ram (I added one Giga for Lightroom).  It’s obviously not as powerful as an average laptop but in his category, he is kind of well-equipped for multimedia and I thought that the ION would give him some good potential for video editing. The point is, you need to find a software able to use the graphic chipset ION of Nvidia AND work correctly on a small config. I struggled a bit to find a solution and according to what I’ve seen on various forums, I was not the only one.

I tried with no success adobe premiere and was even not able to finish the install for not having the minimum system required. Pinnacle Studio 14 can’t work properly : not able to play any HD clip, incredibly slow and was crashing  constantly.

Power Director 10: Great software, able to use ION for the graphic acceleration but it’s still very slow. I manage to do one video (Check it out on YouTube here!) with it but the process was really slow as the notebook was not able to play the video while editing it. I had to do my cuts using the image per image sequence and it was really time consuming. It also started to crash time to time.

Then, I tried some small software optimized for a small config like Vreveal. It worked but they were so limited in function that there is really no point using them if you want to do a minimum of editing.

Then, I finally found Corel Video Studio Pro 4 and so far it’s the best video editing software for a notebook like mine. He is compatible with the chipset ION and run smoothly. It’s lack some functionalities of Power Director (like the anti-shacking filter) and the interface is not as nice than Power director and pinnacle but at least, it’s working properly on my netbook and it’s possible to play the video that I want to edit and cut and I can see directly the effect of the filter that I’m applying. It’s making the process way faster than with power director. Furthermore, I have not experienced any crash yet. You can check here one of the video I have done with it.

So far, Corel Video Studio Pro is definitely the software that I would recommend to every notebook owner willing to do some serious video editing. Have fun playing with it and “your welcome” for saving you some time consuming research.

As I haven’t tried everything on the market, maybe you might have some other recommendation. Don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. Thanks !

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