Five lessons learned in Thailand

For the second time in Thailand, it did feel less boring (if you want to know why the first time was, check this post) because I spend the month learning some new skills every day. Thai massage the first 2 weeks, Chi nei Tsang the third and Scuba diving the fourth… I had just two days off to travel from Chiang mai to Ko Tao. It was really intense and I didn’t have the time to think about anything else than my courses. I’m now relaxing at a friend’s place back in Perth and I’m getting ready to start my journey in the next days. I’ve also enough time to look back on the last month and I figured out that what I learn might be somehow useful to you, future travelers or travelers heading to Thailand.

1) Keep your luggage with you on the bus and why two debit cards = two times more risk to be the victim of a thief

My bank gave me a spare debit card « in case I’m losing one ». And I did lose it because someone stole it. I knew that the employee of the bus company in Thailand got the habits of going through people luggage on the night bus and just in case, I had all my expensive belongings with me on my hand luggage. The point is, I forgot about the second card, hidden in a book. The days after the bus trip, I got a call from the bank telling me that they are some strange transaction going on with that card. The thief used it in some shops and used a signature instead of the PIN. The Issue was that I had quite a bit of money in that account and the guy had some good time with my money. I’ll get it back but from now on and to prevent this to happen again:

  • I’ll keep only one card as one to look after is enough
  • The account link to the card will be loaded with only the amount I need for a month

2) Beware of the papaya salad. It’s not what it sounds like

Papaya = fruit = sweet… Right? Well, it’s not when it’s in a Thai salad and that’s the most spicy meals I had in my lifetime. I should have realized my mistake when the woman asked me « spicy or not spicy? »… Why a fruit salad would be spicy? I answered « not spicy » and the woman preparing the salad put « only 3 red peppers ». I was red, mouth in fire and she kindly offer me some sticky rice to help and it’s probably why I manage to finish the salad… Not willing to upset her, I kept saying « it’s good, just too spicy » with a face that made people around laugh.

3) One can live on fruits and veggie shake and it’s cheap

I spend 3 weeks in Chiang mai and my main « food » was fuit shakes. High in fructose but always mixed with the good fat of the coconut, it seems a good compromised to me. In Sompet market, close to the Tae Pae gate, Tips is here everyday day, making fruit shakes behind a table full of fruits and some Farang looking at her, impressed about her dexterity in cutting fruit, opening coconuts and mixing everything in delicious shakes. « Banana Pineapple coconut » was my favorites but she had more than 30 combinations of shakes to choose from. Everything fresh, tasty, served with a smile and for around a dollar. Definitely give her a visit if you are going to Chiang mai.

4) Diving is awesome but don’t mess with fish’s territories

trigger fish thailand

Titan Trigger Fish by Uxbona

I didn’t know what to expect with diving… I’m more a « mountain » kind of guy and I was wondering if I was going to like diving. So, I went to Ko Tao (with the center « dive master ») and passed my open water and after 4 dives, feeling great underwater, I decided to go for the advanced. Five more dives including a night dive (my favorite) and I’m now allowed to dive till 30m! And I really feel doing more of it.

I was impressed by how brave some fish can be when it’s about protecting their territory and whatever how big you are compared to them, they will attack you. We got chased for 2 min by two titan trigger fish… They were bitting our fins… quite agressive. They are not that big but they were definitely going for us. A bit of excitement in the quiet underwater world 🙂

5) Are you feeling angry? If yes, detox your liver

I did a chi nei Tsang massage course with Remco at Blue garden in Chiang mai (great teacher, highly recommended). It’s an abdominal massage, stimulating organs and helping the body to detox. The detox is also emotional as different emotions are associated to different organs. The liver is associated with anger and the day where we started to work on it, my dream started to be stranger and more intense. I was killing people (but come one ! They were bad people killing bagpackeur staying in their hotel… ) and I can’t remember when was the last time that I was killing people in my dream. Dreams are a way for the body to release emotion and the link between organs and emotions have never been so clear to me since that course. Like Thai massage, I need to practice a lot so if I ever meet you somewhere, just ask for an abdominal massage and I’ll be happy to practice on you. Be just prepared for some strange detox symptom.

That’s it for now… I need to digest the rest of the information accumulated this last month 😉

See you!

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  1. Pierre dit :

    I’ll try not too. Just have to find enough people to practice on 🙂 Happy french presidential election…

  2. fguern dit :

    I want some! Don’t forget before coming back! 🙂

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