Mural Painting in Valparaiso

You need to be quite careful when you walk in Valparaiso’s (Valpo when you are « in ») streets. Dog’s poo are everywhere, waiting for you to step on it while you are just walking, looking for graffiti painted on every walls going from one side of the street to an other to get a better view, looking time to time in your back in case a you missed a sneaky one. That’s basically what I’m doing for the last 2 days in Valpo and so far, I step in no poo but a chewing gum.

The city is relaxing as long as you stay on the  numerous hills facing the ocean. It’s expensive for me to stay here but well, I like the city, I like to wander around in search of graffiti hiding everywhere, I’m waiting for some friends so join me for the new year and apparently, the firework is quite amazing. Enough reason for me to stay here.

Here is a « selection » of some cool graffiti (yes, it was hard to choose out of the 200) and some views on the city.

Enjoy !

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