Waiting for the Rain : The dust storm

Hello !

I know, I haven’t post for a while. No inspiration, nothing to talk about… or maybe too much thing to say but no motivation to write it down. Luckily something really easy to talk about and, potentially interesting for you, happens yesterday : A dust storm. Sounds scary ? Maybe you are wondering how is it to be inside ? Or if we can breath easily and so on…

The dust storm is quite common in Matam at the end of the hot season. Most of the time, this is coming just before the rain. So it’s a kind of good news when it’s happens because you know that the next hours will be cooler (At least, not more than the usual 45C°). The bad one is that all your stuff (even inside a wardrobe) will be covered with a thin film of dust and the next cool hour will be spend in housecleaning.

So yesterday, around 6pm, Abou, the guy guarding the office at night arrived and tell us that the dust is coming… I asked him how does he know ? It was probably because of this huge dark cloud I saw when I went outside. I just had the time to take a picture and be back to the office and to protect my camera when the dust and his darkness arrived.


When you are in this cloud, the  night is suddenly falling, the sun is no longer visible and all the atmosphere is  saturated with dust for at least an hour. You can easily breath but don’t inhale by the mouth or it’s going to taste weird and crispy.

It was quite an impressive experience. It’s good to live this once when you are in Africa…It was like watching the northern lights in Iceland : that’s a part of the experience you must live in these places. The good thing with the northern lights is that you don’t have to clean all your house after.

The next post will probably be posted in July. I’ll be in holiday soon, traveling all around Senegal, looking for some new kind of landscape. Be sure that I’ll bring you back lot’s of pictures 🙂

Take care !

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