Why I haven’t post anything for the last 3 months…

Well, last time I post was 3 months ago and you might wonder what’s happening to me. Did I finish my trip around the World and went back to France ? Am I stuck somewhere in the US or Canada ? Well, far from it. After a great month in the US, a visit of the West coast, grand canyon, Yosemite, Big Sur, L.A, S.F. , the red woods NP and Oregon, I went back to Argentina.

Even if I wrote that it was my favorite country in South America, I didn’t go back because I missed that place or for a need of a great barbecue. No, I went back because I was not feeling happy to be whithout my argentinian girlfriend/travel mate. Love and what you do for it 🙂

So well, we are now leaving in Rio Gallegos, a city in the extreme south of Argentina. I’m giving a break to the nomad experiment (I was getting a little bored with it) to start a new one : « The dad to be experiment » 🙂

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