You’ve been in Australia maybe too long when…

You call “mate” everybody: Very convenient when you forgot someone’s name

You are no more surprise when a perfect stranger is calling you “mate”

You say “G’day mate” with the right accent

You eat Vegemite for breakfast and kind of like it

You’ve got your Australian name and get surprise when someone is using your real name

You’re saying “I reckon” instead of “I think”

You know what AFL means and you picked your team

You know that a “bloke” is actually a “man”

You know that Holden is not a cheap Asiatic brand for cars

You know now that internet contract with data cap STILL exist.

You admit that France don’t have the exclusivity of good wines production but don’t know why the australian white wine is giving you a strong headache when the french one doesn’t.

You are no more shocked to see in what kind of condition the police carry the people arrested (no it’s look like small enough for dogs but it’s for human and some died dehydrated in it… check this picture)

Australian TV show are an insult to human intelligence but you stop getting nervous about it (I wish)

You are no more suprised to see politician party fighting though short TV advertisement/propaganda… I don’t know if the opposition target specially simple minded people but it looks like it… as stupid as an ad to sell a washing powder except that it’s about criticizing the new carbon tax.

You sum-up the Western Australian « culture » like that:  Barbecue, Bier, Big muscle, Bier, Tattoo, Bier, Big belly.

You know that between the whites and the indigenous there is somehow a racism on both side and the government by a politic of positive discrimination toward the indigenous is not doing any good. Sadly, you don’t get too close of any group of aboriginals as the probability of getting punched by a drunk one is pretty high.

To be continued

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